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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my sales does Distrirec keep?

25%. You keep 75% Royalties.

2. Why should I use Distrirec?

Distrirec is the easiest and fastest and FREE way to get music into Spotify,Beatport,Itunes and many others...Distrirec is the only FREE distribution service in the world.

  • Free Distribution
  • No Hidden Cost

3. How much will it cost me?

It's free,there is no cost.

  • NO hidden cost,NO monthly or yearly subscription, NO cost in advance, NO fee for release.

4. What Are the Requirements for Album Art Work?

It must be jpeg, 3000×3000 pixels. Art Work should only contain: Artist Name - Title.We will reject artwork that contains: pixelated image or poor quality,nudity,digital stores logos,prices,address URL

  • JPG format
  • 3000x300 pixel

5. What format must my music be?

Wave,sample rate at 44,1 kHz, stereo and 16bit.

6. Does Distrirec provide ISRC and UPC?

Yes, we’ll provide ISRC’s and UPC’s for all of your releases, so it's FREE.

  • Free ISRC
  • Free UPC

1. What is Distrirec?

Distrirec is all that a musician needs,it’s a FREE music distribution service like no other. Our team follows you in your artist career, provides you technical advice and feedback on your music, helps you grow professionally and is always ready to help you, we are the best choice for unsigned artist.

  • Full Support
  • Save time and earn money

2. Who uses Distrirec?

Distrirec is used by Artist, Producer or Bands .

3. When do i get paid?

Royalty Statements are paid every 3 months and 45 days after each quarter(for example ending March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31). Amounts less than $25 are held until next Quarter.Artist receive all Royalty Revenues via PayPal.

  • Get sales reports every 3 months (as soon as you receive a minimum $ 25 )
  • Keep 75% of your royalties & rights